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Delivery Policy

Your services will commence once you have successfully made a payment. The date of inspection will vary based on our availability.

We will aim to send you a draft property schedule within 5 days after the inspection has taken place.

Any indication that we may give as to the time in which we will deliver the property schedule / home report (if applicable) will be a good faith estimate only. We will use all reasonable endeavours to deliver the documents / services within the time-scale that we have estimated.

Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel prior to the inspection being carried out and 7 days after the date of ordering, Home Sale Online will be entitled to retain a flat fee of £50 for expenses reasonably incurred.

Where we agree an appointment to carry out your Home Report and you subsequently cancel on the appointment date or the surveyor cannot gain entry to undertake the inspection, we reserve the right to charge a flat fee of £100 to cover the surveyors costs.

Home Sale Online will continue to market the property until such times that notice is given to cease marketing by the vendor, the marketing period has expired or that the property is sold. In any event, any upfront fee paid by you is non refundable. Home Sale Online reserves the right to cancel this agreement with no refund being offered for any upfront fees paid.

If we find it necessary to use solicitors or other parties to recover fees and/or costs you will be required to pay any reasonable expenses incurred by us in pursuing the debt.

The upfront fees for our packages are non-refundable in the event of a property remaining unsold, being withdrawn from the market or being sold by another agent, yourself or by any other means.

If, for any reason, you decide to terminate this contract, any upfront fees paid by you to us, are non refundable. If you are marketing your property with another estate agent the terms & conditions of their contract must be adhered to and you will have their fees to pay as per their own terms and conditions.

Refunds Policy

Client satisfaction is our number one priority, and the refund policy below reflects our commitment to our customers.

Our agent will perform a home visit to prepare sales particulars. Once this has taken place we have fulfilled the upfront selling fee you have paid.

Your sales particulars (photos, descriptions and dimensions) will be uploaded to your own dedicated online account for you to approve within 72 hours.

You will need to approve the details and commence marketing (we do not do this for you as we want to know you are happy with the details).

You will then be search-able on our partner sites, within a period of 48 hours (normally 5 hours)

We allocate a set number of marketing days within your account - these will stay valid even if you pause your marketing, so you may return at any stage.

If you are not happy that we have performed to the above statements, the following rules apply:

- You must inform us of any issues that do not apply to the above statements within 24 hours
- We will be allocated 7 days to rectify the situation
- If we fail to resolve the problem, we will refund your complete payment and remove your property from our listing

If you cancel the home visit appointment, you will be charged a £60 + vat administration fee, and the cost of the bank charges. This is based on the fact that you have given us at least 24 working hours warning. If you cancel after this period no refund will be allocated, due to loss of business.

If you do not activate your marketing no refund will be due as we have performed our obligations of the home visit.

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