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Making the decision to buy a property is a very big financial commitment and one you should spend a great deal of time considering.

Below is a short insight into some of the steps you may face in the pursuit of your dream home. If you have any questions for Home Sale Online, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Before searching for your property you should take a number of factors into account:

•   How many bedrooms / bathrooms you require
•   Which area you would like to live in
•   What type of property you are seeking
•   Any additional features you require, such as a garden or private parking

Buyers | Glasgow, Scotland

All of our current active properties can be found via the following link:- Properties for sale. You can also browse our properties by location/map using the draw a search feature found on our homepage.

If you find a suitable property on Home Sale Online, please use the forms located on the property listing page.

Arranging a viewing

To arrange a viewing, please complete the "Request a viewing" form on the property page. You will need to provide three prospective dates/times which are suitable for you. This will be pre-screened and forwarded to the vendor who will respond and indicate if these dates/times suit.

Request a Home Report

All of our properties Home Reports are available to download from the site. If you do not see the link, please complete the Home Report request form and we will send you a copy.

Download property brochure

To download a property brochure in PDF format, simply click on the "View Brochure »" link on the property page. You'll then be given the option to download the file.

Get property directions

For directions to a particular property, please use the Directions form located on the top right hand side of the property page. Inputting your address or postcode, should provide you with clear directions on how to reach the property.

Each property listing displays an assortment of information including property map, images, description, local information, directions, similar properties and weather updates.

Happy house hunting!

Mortgage Advice Scotland | Home Sale Online

We recognise the importance in being able to help both our clients and their purchasers with the means of getting best advice on mortgages. We can offer you professional advice from a mortgage broker who will help find you the most appropriate mortgage based on your individual circumstances.

To get a reasonable idea of how much you can afford, you'll need to work out:

•   How much you will receive from the sale of any current
•   The amount that you can borrow
•   The amount you have in savings and investments
•   Current monthly incomings/outgoings

Once you've identified how much you can afford, you'll then have a much clearer idea of what type of property is right for you. If you require the services of a mortgage broker please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your enquiry.

Your adviser will be in touch shortly.

Property sold | estate agents

Once you have found a property that you are happy with, the next step is to make an offer.

If you would like to proceed with a property marketed by Home Sale Online, please instruct your solicitor to make an offer to us.

Your solicitor can fax the offer to us on:-
0844 562 5664

Or send it in writing to us at:-
The Property Hub, 350 Glasgow Harbour Terraces, Glasgow, G11 6EG

If you do not currently have a solicitor, contact us and we can put you in touch with one.

Before you do submit an offer, try and establish as much information about the property as you can.

Some buyers will initially submit an offer below the asking price, whilst this is a common occurrence, you don't want to go in with a bid that is deemed far too low (otherwise you could be seen as a timewaster).

Negotiations occur with the majority of property sales. However if you want to ensure that you get the property you like, you may want to meet the asking price straight away.

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